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"The novelist Kurt Vonnegut once said that any book that gives its reader a new way of looking at life is a book whose existence is justified. By that measure, Dr. Erantha De Mel's "Optimizing the Infinite Mind" earns its authority several times over.

Dr. De Mel promises at the beginning of the book to make it accessible for the average reader, and in my opinion, that reader should have no difficulty following the author's lucid text. In expert manner, Dr. De Mel takes the reader on a guided tour of the inner grid that comprises consciousness, in the process providing simple and useful ways to deal with life's varied challenges. The willing reader is left with enough equipment to fulfill this book's stated purpose as printed on its cover.

Unlike faddish messages of the "Be all you can be" variety, Dr. De Mel explains the interaction between the conscious and the subconscious parts of the mind and how these two influence each other. At 524 pages, this book can be described in several ways: a roadmap to the internal labyrinth that makes us what we are; a user's manual to our psyche; or a practical how-to tool kit. In an abridged version, it would make a good back-pocket companion as a handy reference guide to life's different scenarios. In its current form, it is a substantial account of the latest science of the mind, and a welcome contribution to our ongoing quest to expand that knowledge with satta dpboss mobi
At times inspiring, insightful, and profound, this is also a daring book, as it dares you to realize your life's full potential. As a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. De Mel's writing style is factual and straightforward. Along the pages, however, his heart also comes out. This is a necessary book written by a generous professional. The reader who follows its spirit closely will emerge at the end of it also a better person."

- Guy J Ale, President of Lifespan Seminar; author of "Mastering Your Life: Best Version of Yourself at Every Age".


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Editorial Description of the Book


Neural Optimization explores the relationship between how we think, and how we optimize our patterns of behavior and emotional routines. It offers an opportunity to alter or re-engineer the way we function (our in-built neural programs), and it also offers a technology for creating change. Neural Optimization Technique is a multi-dimensional process that involves the enhancement of behavioral competence and flexibility as well as the strategic thinking, and understanding of the mental and cognitive processes behind behavior. It provides skills for the development of states of mind facilitating individual excellence, and establishes a system of empowering beliefs and presumptions about what human beings are, what mind-power is, and what the process of change is all about.






About the Author




Prof. Erantha De Mel is the founder of the Neural Optimization Technique. He is an internationally acclaimed Cognitive Neuroscientist and was the recipient of the 'Cambridge Blue Book Man of the Year' award - 2005 for his contribution to the field of Neuroscience and Cybernetics.

As a Practicing Psychologist and Researcher, in both psychology and parapsychology, he is engaged in extensive research in both fields and is a scholar with original research into Altered States of Consciousness, perception, and Psycho-Cybernetics.

He is a pioneer in the area of developing Computer-based Psychometric Test Instruments incorporating adaptive questioning techniques with built-in lie-scales. Currently he is engaged in research and development of hate ideology detection, criminal investigation, and personnel screening by utilization of computerized state-of-the-art Psychophysiological detection instruments.


Book Information


Publisher�s Cataloging-in-Publication Data:
De Mel, Erantha
Optimizing the infinite mind
p. cm.
Includes index.
ISBN 978-0-9820462-0-3
1. Psychology. 2. Cognition.
3. Self-actualization (Psychology).
4. Mental processes
5. Personality development. I. Title.
BF311.D4 2010

British Library Cataloguing-in-Publication Data:
A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library.

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